Too often we are given the advice to strive for a balance between life and work. How lucky I am to work for a company that not only values this but offers substantial benefits and programs to achieve this balance. The life coaching sessions with Angela Gaffney is such a program. She provides tools and inspiration to blend the challenges and joys of life: each session focusing on specific aspect of a well self. Angela walks the walk. Her understanding of health and nutrition is presented in an interesting and interactive way. I walk away from her sessions with a strong sense of empowerment and never the guilt so often we feel when assessing our habits. Thank you for shining light on the things that matter most.

Reservations, Tahoe Mountain Lodging

Angela spent a lot of time preparing for our session. She surveyed and researched the group. When she walked in the door, she already knew our key issues. Angela presented information very clearly, not only the "what" but the "why." She listened and responded to questions that were off-agenda topics but were important to the group. She genuinely cares and leads by example. And her support continued post-session. Worth the investment!

President/CEO, National Sports Center for the Disabled

Angie has been an absolute gem to work with. She really helps you to attain a healthier lifestyle. She gave me lots of information on foods that would promote good thyroid health as well as good health in general. She spoke from her own experiences. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to be healthier and live a long life. Thanks Angie!

Colorado Springs, CO

What I appreciated most about Angela's coaching is that her approach focuses on the positive versus the negative so you don't have to feel deprived or restricted while making healthy changes. I also like that her approach is holistic in that it's not just about one thing, like weight loss or getting better sleep, the coaching she provides helps you improve in all areas of your life!

President, World of Tile

Thank you for a fantastic day last June. It truly was a life changing day for me. You might recall, my goal was to lose 40 pounds and to start losing 1 to 1 1/2 pounds a week. I'm right on track, and feeling so much healthier, rested and less stressed - and I love that my clothes are now too big for me! The big difference? Taking to heart your words and reading labels, eating healthier, reducing sugar and processed foods. I can't say I have totally eliminated sugar and processed foods, but definitely targeting to max out daily between 20-40 grams of added sugar and significantly reducing processed foods. It truly is amazing to me how quickly that has made a difference to me.

I'm still working toward my goal, and feel confident that my new eating and life habits will get me there. I really do think of you daily - you are a tremendous inspiration to me and I have quoted a number of your "guidelines" to my friends. So, thank you!!!!!!

Thank you for changing my life!


Ms. Gaffney’s unique presentation style and ability to comfortably interact with her audience allows her messages to be clearly delivered and translated into real, tangible outcomes for participants. She employs a technique that offers a refreshing balance between lecture and audience participation, allowing engagement and experiential discovery of the concepts she presents.

CMP President, MPI-NM

Angela Gaffney is East West’s health coach and she has made a huge impact on improving the quality of health for our employees. Angela is very approachable and has a warm down to earth speaking style, sharing her own stories and making our employees feel comfortable in reaching out to her. She assists with valuable tools to improve lifestyle and make healthy choices. Our employees look forward to her visits and her health talks. I think she is the best!


I have been going to Angie Gaffney for over a year and couldn't imagine how many steps backwards I would be right now if I hadn't taken that step. She has not only helped me improve my diet and nutrition but has also helped me focus on what goals I want to work towards. She hasn't just help in one part of my life but has focused on my overall health and well-being. Angie is incredibly sincere and personable which makes our appointments together very easy, as though I've known her forever. I started out seeing her in person but when we moved out of Colorado I wasn't sure how Skype appointments would go. Would it be the same? Is it worth it? And the answer is YES, absolutely! For me, our Skype appointments are exactly the same but this time I don't have to drive to her office and find a place to park. The logistics are easier and the appointments are just as great as they were in person. So whether you are in the same city with Angie, or out of state, and you are looking for some guidance in a particular area of your life, education in nutrition, or need to find balance with work and family then I highly recommend speaking with Angie first. She has helped me in so many aspects in my life and there will never be a way I could thank her enough.

Chicago, IL

Angela’s presentation was thought provoking! I dramatically increased my overall knowledge base of a healthy, balanced nutrition plan. I learned of the debilitating impact of sugar in your diet (and how to better recognize it and avoid it in your diet). Angela has an effective, engaging presence - our time together passed in an instant. I felt better educated and better prepared to develop a healthy nutrition (and life) plan. Great use of time and highly recommended if you care about your health (and family)!

President, COO, CEO, Apollo Global Management

Angie - Thank you for the cookbook. It has added new inspiration to our weekly menus. Thank you for all the little extras you shared with us along the way as well. We will be forever grateful that you came into our lives when you did. You helped us work through some dark and stressful times that would have been much more difficult without your kind and gentle guidance. The future is looking and feeling very bright once again and we owe a lot of that to you.

Avon, CO