Speaking Topics

Feel Good, Look Good, For Life

  • Uncover the secret to long-term health (it has nothing to do with guilt, restriction, or deprivation!)
  • Believe in yourself, and have the focus to achieve your health goals no matter your situation
  • Learn how to create ease in life with the Feel Good, Look Good method

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One Simple Rule

  • The EASY to use, One Simple Rule that works FAST
  • How to abate cravings naturally
  • The easy way to lose weight, increase energy, and age gracefully

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The Stress Free Worker Bee

  • How to cease the stress with one simple breathing technique
  • A three-minute stretch that’ll leave you footloose and fancy free
  • How to instantly transform your day with the power of words

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Simple. Stress-Free. Power.

  • Three super simple strategies to create healthier boundaries fast
  • How to keep unplanned urgencies from turning into your emergencies
  • Three practical and tactical actions to let go, say no, and stand in your power

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Success Without Sacrifice

  • Feel better fast: typical results include weight loss, mental clarity, increased energy, decreased stress and overall feelings of joy and happiness.
  • Increase productivity with one simple, effective strategy
  • Learn how to achieve your healthiest body, even with a crazy schedule!

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Stop the Craving Crisis Today!

  • Rid your body of cravings in an easy, natural way (no willpower necessary!)
  • Identify the harmful effects of sugar on your body
  • Uncover sugar’s secret hiding spots, you won’t believe what you’ll find!!
  • Ensure increased energy, better sleep, and weight loss with one quick, easy strategy

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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

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Ms. Gaffney’s unique presentation style and ability to comfortably interact with her audience allows her messages to be clearly delivered and translated into real, tangible outcomes for participants. She employs a technique that offers a refreshing balance between lecture and audience participation, allowing engagement and experiential discovery of the concepts she presents.

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CMP President, MPI-NM


Angela Health and Wellness Speaker
Angela Health and Wellness Speaker
Angela Health and Wellness Speaker
Angela Health and Wellness Speaker
Angela Health and Wellness Speaker
Angela Health and Wellness Speaker
Angela Health and Wellness Speaker

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