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  • It’s Time For A Wellness Upgrade! - About 80% of organizations with 200+ employees have a wellness program in place, yet medical claims are on the rise and younger people are getting sicker, faster.  Here’s how to create a wellness program that will change behavior, improve outcomes, and provide a return on your investment. Assess:  You must know the challenges of your […]
  • Three Strategies To Achieve Health AND Succeed In Business! - I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Rob from the Wholesalers Masterminds podcast to discuss achieving and maintaining health while excelling in business. It doesn’t have to be difficult but it does require making deliberate choices to support your body. I hope you’ll find encouragement and enjoy listening to the full podcast! In […]
  • The Secret To Living A Balanced Life - It feels odd to use the word “balance” when talking about life. The picture that comes to mind is a balanced scale, or teeter-totter, but the reality is that life events, activities and responsibilities aren’t always going to be balanced evenly as a teeter-totter would be. The secret to creating life balance is to feel […]
  • Angela’s Interview You Don’t Want To Miss! - This Spring, I had the opportunity to be interviewed for the online World Health Summit! It was an honor to share my story and some of my thoughts about what wellness means and how to incorporate healthy habits into your daily life. In this video below, I share some ideas on how to advocate for yourself (hint: […]
  • I Couldn’t Believe He Said That! - Phillip, a VP of Sales came up to me after my keynote presentation and said, “I’ve heard so many wellness and nutrition talks over the years and I have to tell you, this is the first time it all made sense to me” and he thanked me.  A few weeks later, he wrote to say […]
  • Angela Was Featured On RhondaNP Podcast – Mindful Eating! - Mindful eating is more than just thinking carefully about what you put inside your body. Eating sustains life, provides comfort and in 460 BC, Hippocrates taught “let food by thy medicine and medicine by they food.” So, when did we get so off-track? Overeating, feeling guilty about what we eat, and being frustrated and confused […]
  • What Good Do You Need to Explore? - This week, take time to pause and reflect on the good in your life that you can explore. Be willing to sit with the frustrations you may be experiencing and think about ways that you can use these frustrations to create positive change. Are you interested in exploring how your choices at the table and […]
  • The Feel Good, Look Good Master Class Is Here! -               At what point to we stop and say “I can feel better than this!”?  We get so used to functioning at whatever level we’re at; working a full day while managing chronic fatigue, preparing meals for the family as you work through joint pain, carrying excess weight on […]
  • The Book Is Here! Order Your Copy Today! - I am so excited to share that my newest book, Feel Good, Look Good, For Life is officially released today!   BUY THE BOOK TODAY! This book is a resource created just for you!  It will provide you practical tips and strategies to help you achieve life-long health. Feel Good, Look Good, For Life turns the traditional […]
  • 10 Healthy Lifestyle Choices that Changed One Woman’s Life - Angela Gaffney shares how she took control of her health and ended her pain. Pain can be debilitating for many people with chronic illness. In the case of Angela Gaffney, 41, who was diagnosed with mitochondrial myopathy in 2008, that included headaches, brain fog, digestive problems, constant fatigue, and muscle weakness that eventually turned into […]