Feel Good, Look Good, For Life: 
Your Ultimate Guide to Achieve Lifelong Health

Authored by Angela Gaffney

It is possible to achieve health while fulfilling your professional and personal goals.

Angela Gaffney knows all too well what it means to be ill – and she knows what it takes to recover. After surviving a health crisis that nearly took her life, Angela became a Certified Health Coach and has helped hundreds of others achieve health with her simple, effective strategies. You’ll be inspired by her story and learn how you, too, can achieve optimal health.

The Daily Essentials Cookbook Collection


Authored by Angela Gaffney
Authored with Janielle Hultberg

Kids and adults need plenty of balanced nutrition to stay focused, energetic and productive in school and work. Have you ever considered how much we ask of our mind and body every day? It’s important we provide for our body just as it provides for us. Our goal in writing this book is to share easy and delicious recipes you can use to create wraps, sandwiches, salads and soups to nourish your body and keep you steady all day long.



Authored by Angela Gaffney
Authored with Janielle Hultberg

Every recipe in The Daily Essentials Cookbook Collection is made with fresh, whole foods. We
strive to use organic ingredients and focus largely on plant-based foods that provide the body
phytonutrients; naturally occurring plant-based compounds that fight disease and reduce stress in the body.