VIP Executive Coaching

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VIP Executive Coaching:

The VIP coaching experience is available to support you in your personal health journey. You will receive a customized program that will inspire, teach, guide and hold you accountable to achieve your goals. There are no pills, there is no quick fix, and it’s necessary that you do a lot of work for yourself. For this is the only way that life-long change takes place.

Angela knows what it means to work hard to achieve health and happiness. She will be your guide and greatest supporter, and she’ll tell you when you need to up your game. Could you be the ideal VIP candidate? Here’s who could benefit from this coaching experience:

  • Individuals who are experiencing fatigue, pain, brain fog and excess weight
  • Individuals who could use help with managing stress or constant worry in their lives
  • Busy executives who travel and could use support while eating on the road
  • Individuals looking for ways to increase their health and quality of life
  • Parents in need of increased energy, healthy meal ideas and balanced living

The VIP client deserves adequate time and focus from their coach. For this reason, Angela will only carry 3 VIP clients in her practice at a given time. If you believe you’re the ideal candidate, and would like to learn more, connect with Angela here:

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